Scott Pruitt’s Confirmation; Another Nail in Mother Earth’s Coffin

Senate just recently voted for the confirmation of the new head of the EPA.

Meet Scott Pruitt, champion of Exxon Mobil, one of the biggest polluters in the world, who has been confirmed to hold ties with multiple other Big Polluters…

Let’s leave that to sink in for a moment.

The man who was one of those who denounced Obama’s fight for clean water and his attempts to support the fight against climate change is now the person we are supposed to expect to protect our environment.
Just a few days ago, Pruitt has been confirmed to have emails regarding communications with the businesses he’s supposed to be protecting the environment from which unfortunately couldn’t be circulated in time to affect this travesty of a confirmation vote.

Clinton’s emails were enough that people started screaming “Lock her up!”. Apparently emails aren’t enough to become upset with Donald Trump or his EPA pick.

Where’s that outrage towards the people who have not a shred of care for the fact that, if things keep going as they are, there may be no future for our children or our children’s children?

America needs to wake up and realize this isn’t the 20th century anymore. We cannot afford to act loosely in regards to the environment. We are allowing what little fresh water we have be filled with waste and letting the air we breathe be contaminated with all kind of poisons left behind by the companies, who can never be bothered to spare a meager portion of their profits to make sure we, the People and the world, have a future.

You cannot eat coal, you cannot drink oil, and you certainly cannot breathe if there’s no fresh air.

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump, who have set out to completely dismantle the EPA, do not care about this. All they care about is one thing and that is lining their wallets and those of their donors with greenbacks.

Open your eyes, America. It may be your last chance to get a good look before we’re all blinded by smog.

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