Still Waiting for a Plan Regarding Crumbling Infrastructure…

A month into the Trump presidency and the government has carried out a setback of women’s rights, a Muslim travel ban only in countries that do not have Trump businesses (a ban which is now being argued in the courts), two approved controversial pipelines, the start of the construction of a border wall that will cost billions (News Flash: Mexico ain’t payin’ for it!), a certain Flynnvestigation into communications between Russia and the Trump Administration, and an on-going war between Trump’s New Establishment and the 1st Amendment.

What we do not have? Any real thought-out plans for repairing our country’s.


So the water crises in Flint, Michigan is still a thing. Turn on a faucet and what you get is water that looks like urine and contains things far more toxic. For a great deal of time following 2014, drinking this water could have actually killed a person with the amount of lead it contained.

However, all is not hopeless. As of early 2017, the water quality had been reported to have returned to acceptable levels.

Still, residents were still advised to continue the use of bottled or filtered water until all the lead pipes have been replaced, which is expected to be completed no sooner than 2019 with the price adding up to a total projected amount of $216,000,000.

“Acceptable”, but not “safe” with months of work ahead for Michigan before all is right again.

As people turn their heads eastward, they will find that the infrastructural woes are only growing worse with the recent incident regarding the Oroville Dam Spillway.


Over the course of heavy rains in February, the spillway of the Oroville Dam sustained severe damage with mass evacuations carried out along the river basin in the anticipation of the failure of the auxiliary spillway. After several days, the evacuation was rescinded although the danger of erosion and catastrophic failure of the dam remains a terrifying possibility for the future.

When our infrastructure was being built from the ground up, we did not know half of the things we do now. We did not understand any of the dangers that we are observing now in Flint and the Oroville Dam and the government has rejected and ignored any plans to upgrade or create precautions against these dangers because of money and time.

We have billions to spend on a wall that will likely do nothing for the perceived immigration problem (as if that’s our country’s biggest problem), but we don’t have billions to repair or upgrade our infrastructure and ensure that our dams don’t burst or that our water pipes don’t poison us? How the Hell does that work?

Open your eyes, America! Congress, President Trump, get your sorry hinds in gear! First it’s water pipes, then the Oroville Dam, but what happens when we catch the next infrastructural hazard too late?

Do we need a national tragedy before you all start taking our crumbling infrastructure seriously and treating it as a more urgent matter? Do we have to wait until the white house comes toppling down on your heads before you start to take serious action?

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